About Us

Hello and thank you for visiting Precious Paws of Texas! My name is Sharon Lobo, and we are lifetime individual hobby breeders that take our dedication and commitment to our chihuahua breeding program seriously.

We are in the Houston/Bay Area, also a chihuahua breeder conveniently located in southeast Texas, servicing surrounding areas such as Dallas, El Paso, Austin, and San Antonio. We also offer our services to our surrounding local cities such as Alvin TX, Pearland TX, League City TX, Friendswood TX, Seabrook TX, Almeda TX, Missouri City TX, Galveston TX, Pasadena TX, and Clear Lake Texas. We breed chihuahuas in the comfort of our own home along with our whole family. All of our precious dogs and precious puppies are our family members. They have all been raised around both children and other pets. This means our chihuahua puppies will be ready to accept your whole family with open arms! Ample amount of time is dedicated to our precious pals with full family participation at play time. (our kids favorite time of the day)

We will be using the litter box training method for our chihuahua puppies since they are too small to be left alone in a yard by themselves. All our pups stay inside our home from birth until they are ready for their "forever home." when you take home one of our precious chihuahuas you will be getting a fantastic, socialized pup. Each of our babies will have 1- 2 vet checks/sets of shots before leaving us depending on how long they are in our care.

We breed our dogs for the sole purpose of companionship, to improve, for love of the breed, and type! We strive for the akc chihuahua standards and for quality and not quantities with our precious puppies. We do not breed for extremely small chihuahuas, but our moms are always paired up with smaller males to prevent from any delivery complications. Sometimes however we do end up with the smaller size teeny tiny, itty bitty chihuahuas. All chihuahuas are a part of the toy class regardless of the different names for them. We stand by all our pups 100%. In most cases of research, the bigger the puppy is, the more healthy it will be. On the other hand we have had healthy tiny chihuahuas as well. It is easy to try to guarantee a puppy size, but even expert breeders can be wrong when it comes to being 100% accurate in the situation. This is why we claim, "genetics is the only expert," in this case! However; being relatively close is a more promising term for a "reputable breeder" to offer their potential puppy buyers.

Please always do your research ahead of time on the breed of dog that you are considering, as you may learn of some interesting facts or potential problems that are common in your breed which may cause you to be unable to support the breed of your choice should a situation arise in the future.

**********very important information**********

As an individual chihuahua hobby breeder in Houston Texas, we have only 1 - 2 litters a year depending on how many females we have and when they are in season. We are not "big shot" breeders, nor do we ever wish to be. Our litters are produced in small numbers to ensure that each puppy will have the opportunity to find only the best family. Due to our small litter production we are able to seek only the best vet care possible for our little ones and our moms.

Here are some key factors we need our potential buyers to know in order to well establish our place as a responsible Houston Texas chihuahua breeder.

*We are not new to breeding - only to breeding chihuahuas. We have been a breeder of rat terriers in the past. We have been breeding since 2006. We have done our research on the breed and have our own personal mentor. She has bred chihuahuas for twelve years and we learn something new from her every day!

We have put together a complete information packet on breed specific facts for your little one. Should you have any questions at all we encourage you to please ask. Even if you think it may be a stupid question....Ask anyways. "there is no such thing as a stupid question ever when it comes to your new baby." in turn if you are ever unsure or uneasy with an answer please do not hesitate to ask us for an explanation.

*We charge fair and decent prices for both our males and females, simply because we are an individual hobby breeder and this is not our main source of income. However; the cost to maintain our breeding program is quite costly. All of the funds raised goes into the following year''s program. This is why we don''t always have puppies for sale. For us to break even is lucky after all the required care is administered to all our produced litters and their moms to help ensure their health. We do have some cheap and affordable chihuahua puppies for sale in houston texas. We know that our babies have touched our hearts enough for us to try and give every person the opportunity to own one or more pups of this wonderful breed. At this point in time we do not charge extra for registration papers. Registration is a standard process for all our pups. If you do not wish to have the papers that is your choice. (prices stay the same with or without the registration papers.) however; we do allow a discount option for all of my clients. We do not charge extra for our long coats. Prices vary due to size, litter size, and color only.

*Our females are checked before they are bred for health and safety reasons. Checks performed are for their (hips, eyes, and thyroid) this helps to rule out possible genetic defects for my litters.

*All of our pups go through extensive temperament and socializing before they are even considered for new homes. Some test include testing for aggressiveness, eating behaviors, different everyday household sound tests, and different outdoor sounds test. Our socialization is done with kids of all ages, other dogs, and cats.

*Please make note that we always try to find the best matched pup (personality wise) to meet your families needs. While we realize that someone may come to us about a specific puppy does not always mean that it is the right one for you and your family. If for some reason we steer you away from a pup it is not because we don''t want to sell it to you, but simply because they may not be compatible enough for your family''s needs. Please respect our opinion, because as a responsible breeder it is our duty to pair you up with a pup that is suitable for your family.

*All our pups come with the option of a spay/neuter contract, which does offer compensation for the deed upon proof within the required time frame.

*Lastly, breeding is a lifetime commitment for us. We may want to check on our pups even long after the purchase. We will send you follow up emails to see how he/she is adjusting to his/her new home. We would love to have phone calls or emails as well from the new owner to keep in touch just to let us know how all is going, or if a problem ever arises. We do want to be notified in the event that a genetic medical condition should come up so future litters can be protected.

Here at precious paws of Texas we strive to provide you with a healthy precious pup that will last you and your family for many years to come. We will work with each family to find the precious baby of your dreams for less and offer payment plans as needed. Our pups will be some of the lowest priced to keep you, your family, and your friends satisfied for years to come. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. We take pride in our customers and do believe in the saying "the customer is always right." if your not happy then neither are we! Once again thank you for choosing precious paws of Texas to meet all your family''s chihuahua needs!